About Lfa

*The Lebanese Football Association (LFA) was founded in 1933 and got his acknowledgement and report (No. 2759) on 12-12-1934.

*FIFA member since 1935

*AFC member since 1964


Preserving, developing and spreading the most popular football game in the world in Lebanon on the widest scale, with the aim of achieving at all levels and securing resources for excellence, creativity and victories.


  • The Lebanese Football Association must be the object of respect and appreciation of all civil, continental and international federations.
  • Providing opportunities for young talents to prove their capabilities regardless of their gender, religion, culture or color.
  • Discovering and developing talents in order to build a promising future generation.
  • Achieving the necessary security and financial needs to self-finance all projects.
  • Enhancing the professional culture in the football family.


Mutual respect and for the differences in opinions

Transparency and mutual trust between all stakeholders

Justice and equality by establishing the principle of the “Right to Play” concept and obtaining all acquired rights.

Collaborating and working as a group to achieve the best outcome for all.